Current and Future Directions

At present, AIAT offers a variety of Government recognized courses (NCVT, SCVT, MES); see Our Vocational Training Programs. In addition, AIAT is involved in Government sponsored (e.g. IFAD, TNCDW) and rural development programs (SEDAB).

Providing new perspectives and experiences is an important feature of our school and an inherent element of our programs. Aside from English, Communication and other soft-skill centered classes we complement the school experience of our students with events and programs aimed toward environmental, hygiene and health awareness, cultural values and social responsibilities. As part of these efforts, AIAT is implementing Green Technologies on its campus and integrates them in its curricula.

Through all these initiatives we hope to promote a more optimistic and energetic attitude toward the future and strengthen the drive of our students toward enhancing and/or ensuring their livelihoods as a whole.

Extension of AIAT for vocational education in Metalworking

Proposed Site Location: Plamyra / Aurobrindavan

Project Holder:  Auroville Institute of Applied Technology

Architect: Poonam

Contact Persons:  Lavkamad, Karin & Michael Harmjanz


This proposed extension of AIAT would enable us to experiment with introducing dual concept of vocational education in Tamil Nadu and in India. The central idea of this dual concept is practice oriented learning. Students are trained at site as well as in the Institute. Under this project proposal it is planned to build a training center for metalworking at Palmyra in cooperation with Auroville units e.g. Aureka, Svaram and others and industry outside Auroville. Our approach in education is holistic and project oriented.
The training campus would include two class rooms, staff- and storeroom, Security room and parking shade, a workshop hall for Fitter and Welder training, Dinning and Kitchen space, ladies and gents toilets, sport facilities and last but not least a biological waste water treatment system. One of the goal for the construction is to build low energy consumption building with e.g. natural ventilation, maintaining green area for shadow and noise protection.
The total build in area is approx. 520 sqm. Another approx. 200 sqm build in area is needed for Social infrastructure such as toilets, kitchen and dinning, parking shade etc.

Target Group:

Youth of Auroville and of Auroville Bioregion interested in high quality project and practice oriented vocational education in holistic approach, integrating subject education with soft skills, personality building and practical experience. The concept is designed to educate students in dual mode i.e. a student will be trained at AIAT as well as at production site. Approx. 100 students will be trained / year.

Background:  AIAT is the only adult education center of Auroville for post secondary education providing vocational education recognized by central Govt. of India. It is located in Irumbai. Since 2004 approx. 1800 students have been trained in various vocations. To day many Auroville units are benefitting from our training. Our graduates are working in many Auroville units. 
At our current premises in Irumbai, there is no space to build the necessary space for training in metal work. Therefore we have to look for an another location near Irumbai with a good public transport facilities. Palmyra /Aurobridavan is the ideal location for this extension.

Triggers: Since the beginning of AIAT in 2004 we are trying to be self-sustainable. To day AIAT has approx. 100-120 students / year in regular courses.  In order to sustain AIAT need to offer additional courses highly in demand of trainees as well as of the local industry. As one of the stake holder of SEDAB AIAT is also committed to train approx. 120 youths this year which includes Home appliances and Metal working.

Goals/Objectives: The main objective of the project is to provide high quality practice oriented vocation training to the youth enabling them for a better livelihood.

In order to provide better information about the project approved, L'Avenir D'Auroville would be publishing description of the projects. Here we start with our first attempt and intend to improve the format and content as we move along.

To further improve the quality of our vocational training, reinforce our links with the industry, and further progress the employability and income prospects of our students, AIAT’s immediate and future goal focuses on the implementation of the Dual Concept Vocational Training. This concept is in close agreement with the Industrial Training in Germany and has significant advantages when compared with existing vocational training options in India.

Utilizing this training concept as a foundation, we aim to become a model training center (on the Polytechnic level), which through its adaptability can meet the continuously changing demands in education, labor market, research and technology.