Dual concept vocational courses

The aspired dual system incorporates both, an in-plant training where students are exposed to real life working experiences in companies and an in-school training where the academic and basic practical aspects of the respective vocation are covered.

This scheme has significant advantages over existing concepts. It fosters close collaborations with the industry, constitutes the training of the student as a joint responsibility and thus amalgamates the priorities, strengths and educational resources of the school, the industry, and the government. As a result, a lasting improvement of the quality, scope and general reputation of the vocational training is anticipated. Moreover, the training of the workforce will become demand rather than supply driven and will evolve into a sound, economically supportive entity of labour management.

Auroville Institute of Applied Technology strives to become a model school for vocational training in the dual mode in India. The replication of the concept by other schools and consequently the dissemination of its principles is one of its declared goals.

At present, (AIAT) aims to introduce the dual system in the fields of Civil, Electronics and in its new department for Fitter and Welder


Interested parties from the Industry who wish to participate in this initiative should contact us.

Your advantage:

  •     Become an integral part of the training
  •     Have your training requirements recognized in a comprehensive, meaningful, and cutting-edge curriculum
  •     Have excess to a pool of graduates who are a real asset to your company