Each One Teach One Programme

EOTO - The Sound of Peace - Can You Feel It?

         Nowadays, in our professional life, global social competence is as important as being creative
and to think and act in an international and cross-cultural context.
In order to raise awareness in our students we regularly invite consultants and change-makers
from all over the world. Since 2009 our German UNESCO-Partner-School KLA-Bremerhaven
together with their creative crews are visiting us every year to teach our students different
cultural perspectives and values as well as ways to express themselves through arts.
The philosophie of EOTO (EachOne TeachOne) is the backbone of these events. It embraces the
idea of taking and giving without the exchange of money.
The artists are always interested to create bridges. This year breakdance was the main medium
which in the domain of Hip Hop art also included graffiti and poems. In an inspiring move, the
breakdancer Bgirl Lerok (World Champion 2015 in Netherlands) and Bboy Tiimoh ESCAFLOW
combined their teachings and performances with capoeira, which was brought in by Aurovilian
“Look at life and engage yourself into it” is a motto of all UNESCO schools in Germany this year
which of course was being echoed by EOTO as well.
About 25 students from AIAT discovered their dancing feet and participated in the performance
day. Especially the female students were very engaged. Many others felt pulled towards graffiti
and the English teacher Vasantha created two interesting poems in Tamil.
In a move of reminding us of the important topic of avoiding violence against women and
children, Bogna Jaroslawskis “Pink Silence” skulptur from last year got revived at the
performance day, when again many women from the surrounding villages joined the
programme. Together with the German Weltwaerts volunteers and the AIAT students they
attached new quotes to our pink coloured bamboo sticks.
As in the years before – the many facettes of this event were guided towards opening the inner
reservces and latent capacities of each human being.
Without the untiring support of Anne Schmeckies – one of the founders of EOTO - we would
not have been able to do all this work.
We would also like to thank Klaus Luka, Code-RR-Webdesign and the KLA-School as a whole
for their generosity of providing 6 stipends for our students.
The German journalist Mela Fountain accompanied the team and she has produced the film as
well as all the pictures.
Once again, our sincere gratitude to all of them for enriching our lives and supporting our work
so beautifully

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