2002: First Building Phase commenced, with financial support by VFAVR, BMZ, and many private donors.

2004: Received Accreditation for training in Computer Software Application, Hardware Maintenance, General Electronics, and Secretarial Studies by the State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT)

2005:  23 students joined the Institute; AIAT became an IT Training Centre for Tsunami victims

2007: The enrolment in the four courses has risen to 80.  Eight of the top ten finishers in the State Government Examination in 2007 were from AIAT

2009: A new block for NCVT Training (three labs, three classrooms, one library, office room, one staff room, a multipurpose hall, and a kitchen) was added to the current buildings. This extension project was again executed with the assistance of VFAVR and funded by BMZ, ACDC (Auroville Coastal Development Centre) and by many private donors from Germany and India.

AIAT received the NCVT accreditation in Electronics Mechanic and Civil Draughtsman ship

150 students were enrolled by December 2009.

KLA, a UNESCO project School in Bremerhaven, Germany became a partner school of AIAT.

2011: Sponsored by the government of Tamil Nadu and also financially supported by German donors, We launched a two months practical training-program in masonry for 160 women.

2012: Sustainable Enterprises Development in the Auroville Bio-region (SEDAB) commenced. Over the course of three years, AIAT plans to train between 1000 to 2000 BPL (Below Poverty Line) students.