Partner School

The Kaufmännische Lehranstalten (KLA) in Bremerhaven, Germany

Since 2009, KLA has been a partner school of AIAT. Over all these years, KLA has brought an invaluable wealth of cultural exchange and dialogue to our school.

KLA has been visiting us on an annual basis and has added a unique international flavor to our school life. During their visits, KLA together with their EachOneTeachOne team have given a wide variety of music and art workshops to our students. Through these activities, another bridge between two countries and their peoples was created that gave rise to a forum for positive expression and has deepened mutual understanding and awareness of diversity.

About KLA:

KLA, a UNESCO Project School, is located in Bremerhaven (Federal state of Bremen), Germany. KLA is a school of commerce which offers a wide variety of vocational training as well as a broad range of full-time and part-time classes for various graduation options. With about 2000 students, KLA is one of the largest schools in the state of Bremen.

Among their core values are cooperative leadership, open communication, reliability and mutual trust, respect and justice. As a UNESCO school they strive for peace and  mutual understanding.

Saving energy and promoting sustainability has been part of their local activities during the last few years – it is their green or ecological agenda.

Innovative teaching tools, such as SOL (self-organized learning), quality management and individual feedback are important features at KLA.

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