AIAT was founded in 2003 with the assistance of the German non-profit association VFAVR, a sister organization of AVI-Germany, and with funding from the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and many private and corporate donors in India and Germany. 

We have long-term cooperations with our sponsor and partner organizations and are constantly thriving to widen the base of our partners.
Major Sponsor Organizations

  •     BMZ (German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development)
  •     AVI Germany (Auroville International Germany), Berlin Germany
  •     VFAVR (non-profit Association for the Development of the Auroville Region),  Berlin Germany
  •     Schulverein Kaufmänische Lehranstalten, Bremerhaven, Germany
  •     Martin Merker and others from Streich Quartet, Switzerland

Corporation in Germany

  •     Factor Design GmbH, Hamburg Germany
  •     GT Elektronik GmbH, Narburg Germany
  •     Stadwerke Bremerhaven, Bremerhaven Germany
  •     Annette Nellore and Klaus Schubert
  •     SYCOMP Electronics GmbH, Dachau
  •     DMG Draht und Metal GmbH, Oberursel
  •     Erich Grau GmbH, Sersheim

Corporation India

  •     Cognizant Foundation, Chennai India
  •     Genpact, Delhi India/USA

Private Sponsors


  •     Mrs. D.Subhalakshmi IIMA, Gurgaun (Haryana)


  •     Many Members and Friends of AVI-Germany
  •     Ursula Borchard, Mönchen Gladbach
  •     Buhrow, Anga & Wolfgang Bergisch Gladbach
  •     Family Lavkamad Chandra in Hamburg
  •     Family and freiends of Helmut Ernst in Idar Oberstein
  •     Harald Eggert, Reinbeck
  •     Ariadne Gracias, Hamburg
  •     Sigrid Häfner
  •     H-O. and E. Josephi
  •     Dr. Johanna Hoehne, Hamburg
  •     Karin Kelp
  •     Diethelm Knauf
  •     Angelika Kolb,
  •     Prof. Dr. Inge Marszolek, University of Bremen Germany
  •     Menigat, Mechthild
  •     Ursula Mecke, Duderstadt
  •     Prof. Dr. Roland Mix, University of Koeln, Germany
  •     Maja Moritz, New Zealand
  •     Prof. Tanja Ponten-Ströbel, Saarbrücken
  •     Nikol Riemenschneider
  •     Veronika Schmidt
  •     Helga Siegel, Jork
  •     Friedrich & Dagmar Strehlow,