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You want to contribute to the progress of our Institute by offering your time, energy, and expertise? You want to apply your skills and experiences in a different environment?  You want new perspectives and challenges to enrich your life?

Working side by side with people from the rural region is a great entrance to the local society and culture.

At AIAT, volunteers will find a wide variety of involvement options that can match their interest as well as their professional and/or personal background.

Our projects for Volunteers at AIAT:

Do you have experience or a background in social work? Help students to excel and make most out of their learning experience. Identify and address the challenges they are facing within and outside of school and become a trusted liaison between teachers, students and their parents. Assist us in reviewing and further improving our performance by launching and analyzing external evaluations.

Do you have Background in education? Support us in our efforts of implementing a contemporary teaching-learning strategy. Develop training materials and/or assist us in our Soft skill & English classes. You can also become a Math tutor or contribute to the Physical Education classes.

Do you have technical expertise in one of our subjects?  You can train the trainers or become directly involved in the class-room experience or devise new practical projects that can be implemented in the training.

Interested in marketing or fund raising? AIAT relies on donations and a comprehensive internet presence is an important aspect of these efforts. You can assist us by keeping our website up-to-date, enhance our exposure on social networks (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn), create and upload videos, and contact funding agencies.

For more information please feel free to contact us