About AIAT

Auroville Institute of Applied Technology, an institute of Auroville welcome and invite you to study emerging technologies and work on solutions to meet the challenges of the 21st century in a open campus and experience Auroville for your holistic personal growth.

Auroville Institute of Applied Technology-College strive to provide a learning and R&D environment that develops the entire personality with a strong leadership, ethical, cultural and spiritual components in addition to the latest skills needed in the industry.

Since 2004 Auroville Institute of Applied Technology-College (AIAT) is conducting vocational education to the youth of the Bioregion. AIAT-College is a non-profit Institute of Auroville Foundation educating youth not only in the skills needed by the youth, but also the competencies to use these skills to create a life-enhancing culture and interrupt unhealthy social narratives and develop inner capacity like responsibility, dignity, human unity, and the courage to create.

AIAT was established in 2004 with the support of the German Government (BMZ, German Ministry of Economical Cooperation and Development) and the non-profit organization Auroville International Germany. 

AIAT is part of rural development initiative of Auroville under Auroville Village Action Trust of Auroville Foundation. 

AIAT is known for its excellent infrastructure and distinguished track record of furnishing high quality application and job oriented training. Moreover, it distinguishes itself from its peer institutes in Tamil Nadu and India through its innovative educational approaches, providing opportunities for personal growth and development.