Department of Computer Science Engineering

Software is everywhere in our society and new IT technologies such as Machine Learning are game changer and their importance will be increasing. So needless to demonstrate the huge importance of this domain in today's and future world.

This department trains IT professionals to develop applications using programming languages.




Ms J. Kayalvizhi - M.Tech

Designation: Assistant professor

Specialization: Information Security

Tel: (+91) 97863 74261 - Email:

From experience, I have realized that it is important to help students to develop their logical thinking first. On the base of this logical mindset, learning and developing skills in engineering and programming become smoother and easier. I always feel very happy to share my passion and see my students grow and achieve their challenges.



Mr D. Ravishankar - MCA, M.Phil

Designation: Senior Instructor

Specialization: Network Engineering

Tel: (+91) 94427 87619 - Email:

My specialization and my experience in the industry as a network engineer gave me a deep understanding of IT at the system level. 

Giving the students a global vision of computer systems and the context in which their project fits, gives them a better understanding of what they are asked to achieve. This approach has proven to be more efficient for faster learning.


Mr P. Duraisamy - MCA

Designation: Adgunct Faculty

Specialization: Software Architecture

Tel: (+91) 86676 41329 - Email:

With 12 years of experience in software development, I am deeply convinced that the most effective way to progress is through continuous learning and active engagement with others. I actively seek out new challenges outside of my comfort zone because it drives my personal growth and learning. My goal is to impart my industrial knowledge to students and make software development as easy and accessible as playing games.