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Why join the vocational stream ( B.Voc) of higher education at Auroville Institute of Applied Technology


  • B.Voc degree programmes are offered in over 300 colleges across the country. Many universities in Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, Punjab are offering B.Voc. Courses.
  • The course curriculum has 40% general education (theory) and 60% vocational training (practical) component.
  • These programs follow semester system and offer credits after completion of the course.
  • The curriculum of specific courses in the concerned field is designed by AIAT and approved by Pondicherry University as per UGC guidelines.
  • The Assessment of the trainees will be conducted by AIAT and Pondicherry University, and the certificates will be issued by the Pondicherry University.
  • The curriculum is industrial demand oriented and based on Multi Skill and interdisciplinary knowledge.
  • Encourage unending and self learning.
  • Focus on subjects with direct relevance to an application.

Vocational stream of higher Education

Your vocational way from 12th  to a master’s degree in Vocation or M.E.!                  



Comparison between B.E./ B.Tech & B.Voc. degree

B.Tech / B.E. Degree

B.Voc. Degree

Single entry point after 10+2 

Initial entry at 10+2 from any stream,

No competitive exam.

Multiple entries and exits possible

Student earns one degree
after completion of 4 years.

Student earn multiple degrees: 

Diploma after First year

Advance Diploma after Second year

B.Voc after Third  year

The General fees to earn 4-Years B.Tech degree is approximately 3-4 lacs

The General fees to earn 3-Years B.Voc degree is

approximately 1.4 Lakhs Rs. in AIAT

B.Tech provides a Bachelor degree to make student eligible for Government Jobs, which require graduate degree

B.Voc  degree holders are eligible for the Government

Jobs, which require graduate degree

B.Tech provides conventional degree.

B.Voc provides bachelor degree in one Skill.


Lateral entry in 4th year B.E. /B.Tech.


Personal capacity building
  • Compulsory:
    • Self learning, Problem solving approach
    • Indian heritage, Yoga and Meditation for being rooted and stress
    • Safety, Customer orientation, Entrepreneurship
    • Project work: understanding the processes from specification to dispatch,
    • Working in seminar, preparation and presentation
    • Computer literacy, English Communication,
    • Leadership, Communication, Computer knowledge and English, Management
    • Environment / Pollution (air, water, earth), waste management
  • Optional :
    • Sports
    • Yoga & Meditation
    • Arts
    • Theater
    • 3rd language

Industrial Training


Industrial training only in subject related companies:

Production Technology (MECH):

     Grace, Le Bracs, Poclain, Manatec.

Green Energy and Electrical Systems (EEE) :

    Renewable Energy (Sunlit Future), EATON, GT-Electronic, KINISI (for e-Vehicle)

Applied Electronics & Chip Design (ECE):

    C3 Stream Land Design

Software Development & Machine Learning (CSE):

    C3 Stream Land design

Applied Electronics & Chip Design (ECE)

No gadget without electronic and a chip No modern plane can fly, no modern car or bike or a mobile phone or even a washing machines is thinkable without electronic and chips controlling the process in the gadgets. We believe that chip design is the future for the growth of Indian industry in Atmanirbhar Bharat VLSI (very large-scale integration) technology is well suited to the demands of today's electronic devices and systems. With the ever-increasing demand for shrinking in size, compactness, performance, reliability, and functionality, VLSI technology is expected to continue to drive electronic advancement. The digital world is made up of a variety of electronic equipment, such as automation devices, gadgets, and so on, all of which are controlled by a chip or integrated circuit. VLSI is important because it is very useful for compact design.
VLSI circuits are used everywhere, including microprocessors in a personal computer, chips in a graphic card, digital camera or camcorder, chips in a cell phone, embedded processors, and safety systems like anti-lock braking systems in an automobile, personal entertainment systems, medical electronic systems.



   Sanjay Tumati  IIT-B     MS Texas A & M
   14 years of experience in Electronics in US, Canada and Singapore   Assistant Prof.
   Guest lecturer from Aura Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd.

   Our Industrial Partners:

   Manatec Pvt. Ltd (Mr. M. Kalaiichelvaan MD)
   C3Stream Land Design, Auroville
   Aura Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.

Sanjay Tumati IIT-B MS Texas A & M

Green Energy & Electric System (EEE)


The Climate is changing! The current Heatwave in north and west India is a just a beginning. As a developing country India’s need for energy (Electricity, fuel, gas etc.) is growing fast. To reduce caron print the conventional energy generation sources such as coal and oil must be substituted by Green Energy such as solar, wind, hydropower, Biogas, Hydrogen etc.

This program is designed to address the fundamentals of renewable energy and shows how solar, wind and other energy sources can efficiently be integrated into power supply systems. Students will study core power generation and supply engineering systems such as power converters, inverters, chargers, Power storage systems, electric drives, etc.

You will also study a unique range of modules on the generation of electricity from solar and wind power, energy management through the applications of power electronics, and a comprehensive analysis of smart grid systems.

Jorge Ayarza


   M.Mohammad M.Tech
   Jorge Ayarza B.E. (USA), Master Green Energy Trainer, research
   scholar Green Energy and upcycling at Auroville.

   Industry Partner:

   Sunlit Future Auroville (Rishi Kapoor MD)

Production Technology (MECH)

The modern production plants are automated and interconnected (Automotive Industry Hyundai, OLA E-Bike ). Engineers with knowledge and skills to operate, manage and maintain such a plant will have a bright scope with growing industrialization in India to be Atmanirbhar Bharat. This course deals with the operation, maintenance, installation of various kinds of machines used in the production lines. You will learn and practice on the usual machines used in the mechanical production, Production processes and the management techniques.

After completing this course, you will be able not only to operate various kind of machines used in manufacturing but will understand the production processes, logistic and how to manage and maintain a production line.

Graduates can find a decent job in general manufacturing plants, automobile manufacturing plants or firms where production process is involved. In these places, you may be recruited as production manager, quality control officer, assistant manager, supervisor, project manager etc.


 Industry Partner:

   Schneider Prototyping Pondicherry
   Le Bracs Pondicherry
   Poclain Pondicherry.

Software Development & Machine Learning (CSE)

women coding

Can you imagine any gadget without a software? But the methods of programming are changing. Earlier students were learning C++ or Java, visual basic etc. Now at AIAT the programming language is Python, you will practice programming on mini projects. Artificial Intelligence(AI) is knocking on the door. More and more applications in the industry and commerce are using AI. AI in specific machine learning algorithms is being used for Voice assistants (SIRI, OK, Google ) that interpret voice tasks to image recognition, maps, and directions, spam detection, marketing, sentiment analysis, analytics, distribution, rideshares (OLA; Uber), cyber protection, self-driving cars etc. AI is a growing market share, of USD 93.53 Billion in 2021. It constitutes 41% of India’s IT services in 2020. The annual compound growth is 40% year to year predicated till 2028. 23% of business have incorporated AI. Hence exposure to machine learning as the cutting- edge technology gives students a huge boost in employability as well as start-ups.

Duraisamy Pandurangan (MCA)

Guest faculties:

   Duraisamy Pandurangan (MCA)
   Kayalvazhi (M. Tech, PTU)
Industry Partner:

   Appasamy Associates Pvt.Ltd.
   C3 STREAM Land Designs

Admission going on

Our high quality skill education has enabled hundreds of youth a better livelihood and the opportunity to live in dignity. Only limited seats available, apply to us. Eligibility: +12 pass | Course Duration: 3 Years | Degree: Bachelor of Vocational Training (B.Voc)