Science & Humanities

Department of Physics

The physics department is to provide the course needed for BVOC offered by AIAT. The teaching is based on the practice of experimental activities to understand the fundamental laws and concepts. At the start of each course, we proceed to student evaluation in order to organize the teaching and make sure that it is adapted so that no one is left behind. Furthermore, the most interested students will be proposed to participate in creating the new experimental activities. 



Dr. R. Kalaivani M.Sc, M. Phil, PhD

Designation: Assistant professor, HOD

Specialization: Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Tel:(+91) 94443 78151 - Email:

My pedagogical aim is to generate enthusiasm, through activity-based experiments to understand physics concepts.

Moreover, I found that asking questions to the students so that they find the explanation of a physical phenomenon by themselves is a powerful means of transmitting knowledge. In such a way, students are active in the learning process and their learning is quicker, deeper, and remains for good. 


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Department of Mathematics

Mathematics, sometimes considered too abstract, only attract and inspire students when it is used for its application in their chosen field. For that, our department aims at transforming theoretical subjects into practical learning that helps to address the problems and challenges which students encounter in the pursuit of their profession.

We provide the necessary skills for budding students to enable them to tackle real-life problems and apply mathematical methods to solve them, and analyze the results for drawing logical conclusions. Our teaching is adapted to our students so that: “ no student is left behind” as well as “talented ones are encouraged to go beyond”.  

Mathematics subjects are completely aligned with the need of the chosen field with this leitmotif: “no math teaching remains unused”.



Mr M. Arunamoorthi - M.Sc.

Designation: Assistant professor

Specialization: Mathematics

Tel: (+91) 88382 66380 - Email:

Mathematics is present in all aspects of our life, in all objects created by humans but also in nature, plants, and so forth. Mathematics is so present that Galileo once said “Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.”

I raise the interest of my students in teaching mathematics in a joyful way, developing their strategic minds and making them feel more intelligent than they thought. To Find innovative ways to teach and make learn mathematics is my passion.


Department of Language & Communication

English language is an international medium of communication and it is a key factor in gaining access to many things. English language communication increases your chances of earning better as every job skill require English communication. Today, English is a dominant business language so it is a must to know English for bright career prospects. English language is used for the global workforce for a better outcome.

This language department teaches Hindi, French, and German for the time being but aims to include more languages in order to allow our students to consider the whole world as their area of development. 



Ms K. Tamizhkalaiarasi - M.A., B. Ed

Designation: Assistant professor

Specialization: English Language and Litterature

Tel: (+91) 81108 48183 - Email:

In the present world, speaking in English is considered as a prestigious factor in society apart from gaining self confidence and independence. I would like to train these enthusiastic students to communicate fluently in English to make the most of what they have learnt and sustain up in society.   


Department of Entrepreneurship

The goal of Entrepreneurship Awareness is to give students basic knowledge about starting and running a business through hands-on exercises.
This course will not only be useful for those who want to start their own business. Understanding the management of a company is essential for employees who wish to evolve in a company and climb the ladder of the hierarchy.
But the entrepreneurial spirit consists above all of the ability to consider all things opportunities to bring new solutions. AIAT wishes to instill this positive and creative way of looking at the challenges of today's world.



Jean-Yves Tariot - M.Eng

Designation: Assistant Professor

Specialization: Entrepreneurship / Aeronautical and Space Sciences


Having been an entrepreneur for 17 years, I now measure how much it has changed my state of mind in which positivity, creativity, and energy have become central.
The Bachelor of Vocation courses, which contain a lot of practice, is an excellent springboard for those who wish to start their own business. However, I am convinced that this course will benefit all students.
I hope it can be a source of inspiration for the students or even a way for them to discover their entrepreneurship fiber.


Department of Library & Documentation

The AIAT Library is located at Palmyra Campus, with a good collection of technical, general, and Auroville books to serve the B.Voc, & Industrial Training students & staff. It is a quiet, peaceful space for the users. The library is using professional computer software for cataloging and organizing the books. Work is also in progress to collaborate with Pondicherry University for resource sharing both physically, and digitally. The AIAT Library also benefits from the various libraries existing in Auroville, among which the main one, namely Auroville Library located on the Crown Road

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Ms N. Nandhini - B.Sc, B.L.I.Sc.

Designation: Librarian

Specialization: Computer Science, Library and Information Science


As a Computer Science, & Library and Information Science graduate, I believe in the library as a repository of both physical & digital information, and also the role of a librarian is not just managing the physical assets of a library, but treating it as an Intellectual asset of the organization. I'm here to provide appropriate assistance as a Librarian to both students and staff. I would like to incorporate 100% library digitization here and most importantly keep the love for reading "alive" among all students.

AIAT is a place that encourages the need for change. We know that the traditional setup of the library is becoming less effective in this digital era. I'm here to enhance the library & its use by digitizing, by collaborating with Auroville Central Library & Pondicherry University Library.