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Lavkamad Chandra


I’m doing Karma Yoga.

In 1963, he completed Master’s Degree in Engineering from the RWTH University in Aachen, Germany 

1963-2003 worked for ThyssenKrupp as group leader in the mathematical department; Lufthansa as OR-Analyst; Head of System Development for logistics and IT application strategy and Project Manager Information Warehouse for Airbus in Hamburg and in Toulouse. 

2004 until present: volunteering as Correspondent and Principal of Auroville Institute of Applied Technology; instrumental for the growth of the Institute and implementation of the Dual System of Training at AIAT.

Residing in Auroville; mission is Karma Yoga to empower youth with knowledge and skills for a livelihood with dignity.

Sanjeev RanganathanSanjeev Ranganathan


I am supporting Bachelor of Vocation as the ultimate way of learning and acquiring experience at the same time.

He has studied at IITMadras and received his PhD from Columbia University in New York City.

He is the only Indian to have received the Lewis Winner Award for his research. He has over 18 years of experience in the industry and has created products used by over a billion people. He moved to Auroville in 2013 and is the founder of C3STREAM land Designs an innovative business that engages with rural youth that allows them to learn, grow, work and teach. He has trained rural youth to consult in Programming, VLSI Design with international companies; while simultaneously volunteering to teach over 300 children in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) education in schools making their learning visual, hands-on, relevant, and grounded. Their research in learning had been accepted at international journals including one that was recently published by the Shifu graduates about the possible missing ingredients of higher engineering in India.




I believe in the idea of Human Unity, and, as an Aurovilian it is my full-time pursuit.

As a professional, I work as an Executive Director of Integral World - a nonprofit enterprise - committed to the cause of social impact through organizational strategies, transformational communication, and effective actions. Within Auroville, I'm currently a member of the Auroville Town Development Council. ATDC’s mandate is to plan, develop and build the Township, implementing and monitoring development programmes and projects. I also teach at Last School, an Auroville institution based on the ideals of integral education, propounded by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. 

I am honoured to be associated with and serve the vision and mission of the Auroville Institute of Applied Technology. As executive of AIAT I'll work towards assisting AIAT scale new heights and benefit humanity at large. 

Jürgen PützJürgen Pütz


The new direction in AIAT which the Institute is being able to explore in conjunction with PU - Pondicherry University offers exiting range of educational opportunities which are a new experience for youth in this area.

I have been involved in organic farming, horticulture, silviculture, afforestation and soil and water conservation, Watershed Management, Tank Rehabilitation and Rural Development projects since I joined the Auroville Project in its initial stages. I have successfully completed and continue to coordinate a number of projects supported by both Indian and foreigns funding agencies. Palmyra Centre has received National Groundwater Augmentation Award for year 2008 from The Ministry of Water Resources, New Delhi on.

The new direction in AIAT which the Institute is being able to explore in conjunction with PTU - Pondicherry Technical University offers exiting range of educational opportunities which are a new experience for youth in this area. We hope to meet the expectations which will be attached to this development.

Angelika Kolb

Angelika Kolb

Head of Pedagogy and Counsellor

The ability to learn with joy and curiosity sometimes seems to be lost in us humans and yet it is a hidden wealth. However, experience shows with certainty that education and lifelong, curious and joyful learning is the key to a better, happier and more meaningful life. It leads to self-confidence and respect by others. In this sense I want to empower our teachers and students to be conscious of such a fulfilled future.

I’m trained as a graduate psychologist, psychotherapist and body therapist and can look back on 30 years of professional experience with a large number of patients who sought my help in various crises. I’m also trained as a German teacher for secondary level 2 and specialized in pedagogy.

I have been accompanying AIAT in its growth since 2005.

Prof.(Dr.) Manish SharmaProf.(Dr.) Manish Sharma

Deputy Director

Mr. Manish comes to us with a great experience in Research and Management. He's from Biomedical & Pharmaceutical background with experience in overseas research, leadership, and also in teaching. He's the Acting Provost and Dean Academics at Institute of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar(Gujarat). He also holds a rich expertise in his field, filled with remarkable achievements, project records, patent(filed) works, journal works, fellowships & awards, research publications, & thesis guidance. His educational credentials hold Pre Doctoral Research, Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences, & Ph.D. He has also completed GRE & TOEFL. 

About his work experience, till 2021 he was a Professor and Principal, and Dean of Research at MM University, Haryana. In 2016 he was Professor & Dean at Bahra University, Himachal Pradesh, and held various head positions from 2011 till 2016 at BR Nahata College of Pharmacy, Madhya Pradesh. He was a Graduate Research Assistant at Skagg's School of Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences, USA from 2005-2006. He also has prior experience as a Lecturer.

Mr. Manish's research experience include various remarkable projects, has an outstanding record of achievements, and pursued Advanced Specialized Courses all through his tenure at various Educational Institutions. He is also a lifetime member of Indian Pharmacy Graduate’s Association (IPGA), Registered pharmacist in Rajasthan Pharmacy Council, and "Free Software Supporters" Group member of Free Software Foundation. He has held position of Cultural Secretary in Malviya Bhawan, BITS-Pilani. Worked at various levels in Red Ribbon Club, Bood Donation Camps and Community Awareness Camps during National Pharmacy Week celebrations.