Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses


AIAT offers Diploma of Vocation and Advanced Diploma of Vocation

within the Bachelor of Vocation Course:



Diploma course in BVOC


Within the B.Voc course:

  • the diploma certificate is in 1 year ( 2 semesters of B.Voc)

  • the advanced diploma certificate is in 2 years ( 4 semesters of B.Voc),

  • the Bachelor of Vocation certificate in 3 years (all 6 semesters of B.Voc)


Open or download the curriculum here : https://www.aiat.in/curriculum

Flexibility: register to B.Voc and stop whenever you wish.

You can even pause between first and second year or between second and third year.

This only constraint is to finish B.Voc within 7 years time frame.



Video of B.Voc general presentation