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AIAT’s two campuses have a favorable ambiance for learning, experimenting and for creative activities. Everyone who has ever visited admires the atmosphere of our campuses. These two campuses are located just 1.8 km apart. Each one has a different focus. 

At the Irumbai campus we focus on faculties in segments of Computer Science, Electronic and Electric and Civil; at the Palmyra campus our focus of training is more on manufacturing and production.

All our labs/workshops are fully equipped and sometimes go beyond the prescribed tools and machine list i.e. in the Fitter trade we train also in Turning, Milling, Sheet Metal, etc. In Electronic Mechanics we include solar system maintenance. AIAT has 3 computer labs with 60 computers connected to 3 servers. At the Irumbai campus we have a fibre optical connection. Our campuses are a place of learning through actual work on projects.