Lavkamad Chandra M.Tech. (Germany):



The climate change, sustainability, Pandemics, globalisation, emerging technologies, unemployment, poverty elevation,Pollution are the challenges India is facing as a developing country. The young generation of Engineers, economist, society and leaders needs to find solutions to meet these challenges to make Atmanirbhar Bharat.

The 21 st century is the century of new emerging technologies such as unmanned drones, Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Green power generation, self-driving vehicles, digitalization, are determinantal to address the above challenges and to find solution how we will live, work, communicate, travel, buy, learn and defence ourselves etc.

Almost no gadgets are without a chip inside and no chip without intelligent software, Robotic, drones, driverless cars, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, are driving business, and the way we work and live!

The engineers of tomorrow should have knowledge and skills to work and find solutions for the future challenges. At AIAT you learn and practice with us on projects and work on solution for the challenges of the 21 st century.

Collaboration with international universities especially German universities in applied sciences offers opportunities to our students and faculties to study and to work of projects solutions with these universities under postgraduate or Ph.D.. program.