Department of Mechanical Engineering

All products must be manufactured from planes to medicine, from electronic chips to food. Mechanical Engineering is present everywhere and is supporting all other fields. Furthermore, technologies are highly diverse with new processes created every year. Choosing the right method of production and optimizing the manufacturing process is the key to the success of a product in terms of quality and price. This explains why a good production manager is central to a company. This department is training our students to become experts and experienced in this domain in order to become valuable managers in their respective companies.



Mr S. Sivabalan - M.Tech., (PhD)

Designation: Assistant professor - HOD

Specialization: Mechanical Engineering & Energy Technology

Tel: (+91) 96291 77459  - Email:

Avvaiyar’s philosophy "கற்றது கையளவு கல்லாதது உலகளவு" highlights that what you have learnt is equivalent to the amount of sand in the hand while what is still to be learnt is the amount of sand remaining in the world. It is this principle, deeply anchored in me that I share with my students to give them the desire to learn unremittingly and the curiosity to discover. Being a Mechanical Engineer, specialized in Energy Technology and having research experience in Ocean Technology for more than four years allows me to give even more dimension to my pedagogy.



Mr R. Sivanesan - DME

Designation: Instructor

Specialization: Mechanical Engineering

Tel: (+91) 97866 25991 - Email:

Having built up my experience in industry and academics, I love sharing my knowledge and skills with the students in doing practical training in the machine shop and workshop.



Dominik Hohla

Designation: Volunteer (Austria)

Specialization: Mechanical Engineering


I believe that engineering must be open to self-exploration in addition to class and training.

I like to provide structures for students, such as a 3D printer lab, for them to freely explore numerous fields of mechanics by themselves.

My role is then to answer their questions and help them, if they ask, to solve the problems they are facing.

AIAT should be a breeding ground for individual curiosity on up-to-date technology.