Our Honorable President Draupadi Murmu visited Auroville on August 8th!!

India is ready to lead the world…. Honourable President Draupadi Murmu's speech at Auroville!

"Auroville is truly unique in promoting human unity and spiritual evolution. Two great souls set up this universal city where souls meet, where minds can attain freedom, and experience the supreme consciousness.

Sri a believed that the super-mind would help transform man into divine beings. He presented the theory that transcendental consciousness has the power to divine this world. Divinity has a different meaning and definition for each of us. A divine mind is a pure mind. It is beyond the self.

Auroville is a place where human minds explore, evolve and reach their highest consciousness. They strive to change not only their own minds but also the minds of millions. In fact the spiritual pursuits pursued in Auroville are for the benefit of the entire humanity.

I think a universe presented by Aurobindo is very relevant to the problems facing the world. By understanding and accepting the cosmic concept many problems facing the world today can be solved harmoniously. These ambitions will help make the world a harmonious and peaceful place.

India is poised to lead the world in providing lasting solutions to global challenges. Auroville can make a big contribution to this endeavour”.